I can't believe pixelfed actually federates. I expected a lot more bugs, its a christmas miracle 😅

@stevelord The hardest part wasn't federation, it was perfecting the UI and UX.

The earliest versions of pixelfed had basic federation support. I'm so glad I waited, the UI sucked In June.

@dansup does this mean i can post to pixelfed with mastodon clients?

@dansup ooh also @stevelord posts dont appear to show in tusky. Account shows but nothing in it.

@dansup congrats on the result. I shall be checking out your git repo soon 🎉🎉🎉

@dansup Great work. Thank's so much. Now I am under pressure to get my server setup fixed to finally set up a pixelfed instance. 😅

@dansup Checking it out again now and uploading a few photos. Well done for all your hard work!

@dansup Hm, haven't seen this post pop up on @esureL

Anything I can do/could have done about this? :)

@dansup Tested with another simple image. Also didn't show up on @esureL, looking from Mastodon.

Anything I can do? :)

@esureL @dansup @esureL I have the same question. Let me know when you find an answer :)

@dansup Hey Dan! Great work. !!! Thank you much. It's great. I didn't know how to submit this but is there a bug in it as to why I'm not able to update my profile pic? It allows me to select a new one but nothing happens after I click "upload" and submit the updated profile info. It occurs on both desktop using MS Edge, Chrome or mobile using Safari..Thanks!! 🙂

@dansup I think you need to update readme now, especially this part:
> Please note this is alpha software, not recommended for production use, and federation is not supported yet.

And Congrats! 🎉

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