I was speaking more about bad headlines this week more than if the feature is good or not.

From the tone of the article it seems like it could be reverted if there is enough backlash.

@dansup I can sort of see a potential issue with that, but then, wouldn't it benefit the user if they knew that their images were being used for stories, perhaps? They could either accept it, or they could contact the author using them and advise the image to come down.

@cambridgeport90 @dansup I agree with you. I don't see any disadvantages in this either. Imo, it is a nice feature.

@Ashpex @dansup I don't actually have an Instagram, so, I'd never have seen this if I were actually looking for it.

@cambridgeport90 @dansup It would surprise me if people in fediverse had facebook or instagram.

@dansup I wish you lots of good luck with PixelFed. So many people, young women and girls in particular, are obsessed with Instagram. Children not legally old enough to join are active participants on the network. And Instagram has no respect for personal privacy whatsoever. These people are being exploited and there is little knowledge of it.

Once PixelFed's federation is complete, I believe I will begin to further tell people that are enslaved by Instagram the way of liberty. At least from the oppressive nature of that particular network.

Sorry for the rant. LOL

@dansup wow I was going to drop a take about how fedi can't really compete with ig because "influencers" wouldn't fly here, but apparently they're screwing them over too?

it's like these big machines all just wanna eat themselves.

@dansup What? I can see how this makes sense in Snapchat but definitely not in Instagram DMs... (Although I don't use IG DMs, I can see this as devastating to others who heavily use IG DMs.)


well, this actualy sounds like a quite good idea to my ears.....🤷‍♂️

@dansup I don't see that feature as a bad thing. It's a good thing for content makers.

@dansup But this isn’t actually something new, is it? I got a notification, something like »User X got a notification about you taking a screenshot – why not like/share?« or similar, but that’s months ago in the app. Generally I don’t take screenshots excessively, though I haven’t tried after that … maybe they turned it off and on again? 🤔

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