wow.. i have to say that i admire you, together with the people from mastalab, for all the effort and dedication. you guys are an example for developers. thank you!

@dansup I love it, but how about you try making some truly original features?

@dansup cool! but like, actual original stuff sir. seriously, you have the posibilities, the platform, the public.

@dansup people will forgive you if your "new thing" isn't "good"

@v0idifier Collections and Circles are some exciting features we are working on. I think pixelfed is popular because its familiar and easy to use.

Sorry, but why is it up to them to come up with "original" stuff? It's open source, if you have ideas put them out there...

@ab3xu @dansup I don't really have ideas, but I'm seeing that lots of FOSS projects are just clones

Linux is Unix
Mastodon is Twitter
Nextcloud is GDrive
F-Droid is Google Play
Signal is WhatsApp
Pixelfed is Instagram

those are just some of the (big) examples

@v0idifier @wolfheimrick @ab3xu @dansup i agree they need to differentiate themselves more. But having a base that is similar to start aint bad either.

Once you have a good base then you can expand :)

@geotechland @wolfheimrick @ab3xu @dansup or do you? I still think PixelFed, Stories and all of that is a great idea but maybe Dan (that's your name right?) could do some cool stuff from the beginning

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