User level instance blocks will be shipping in v0.8.0!

@dansup nice! It might be cool to offer that link to the list of instances blocked by the admin all the time instead of just during the empty state. Or even better, see if there's an elegant way to present the admin blocklist alongside the user's blocklist with disabled 'Unblock' buttons replaced by an explanatory icon/text thing, maybe like the attached?

@dave That is a really good idea, thanks for the feedback!

@dansup @pixelfed development @🌮 Dave Millar 🌮

Just for your information Pixelfed federate with mastodon but not with osada :) Not yet.

@kris @pixeldev Osada and pleroma support will be fixed in v0.8.0!

@dansup @kris @pixeldev What had been the problem? Does it affect the connection to Friendica as well?
@dansup @pixelfed development @🌮 Dave Millar 🌮

do you mean it is because of pixelfed ? I hope that Activitypub is the same with mastodon osada and pleroma.
@dansup @pixelfed development @🌮 Dave Millar 🌮

cool I see that Friendica federate well with Osada now. Nice to read you Michael
@kris @dansup @pixeldev @dave It's nice seeing that Osada generates some standard looking data.
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