:pixelfed: Circles will enable users to have more control over the content they share! I can't wait to ship this feature!

@dansup the way you demonstrate it in the screencast leads me to believe it'll be confusing if done as-is. google+ had this issue too, so let me put it briefly: consider, how can you share to a circle and to a collection at the same time? access control and categorization need to be distinct.

@trwnh A collection is just like a post, you can set the scope to which it is shared.

@dansup ok that's good. i wanna clarify that having circles in "visibility" dropdown is good and makes sense, my comment is more about the "scope" thing when creating the circle. that was confusing and not immediately understandable to me. the circle *is* the scope -- it doesn't make sense to say a circle is public or followers-only or circle only, unless you are referring to who can see the members of a circle.

@trwnh Oh I agree, scope should be renamed to visibility when creating a circle!

@dansup i'd argue that the "scope" field should be removed entirely, or otherwise renamed to clarify exactly what it's referring to. be explicit if necessary -- "who can see members?" is more understandable than "scope" or "visibility".

@dansup the biggest challenge is in disambiguating the terminology for overlapping concepts. google+ was an absolute mess when trying to share posts: you could share to a contact, a circle, a collection, or a community. the differences between each were never fully clarified.

@dansup stuff like "BCC Mode" is technically accurate but also not really understood by most people. something like "blind delivery mode" would work better. "hide recipients" would be even more ideal (although perhaps redundant with the summary text)

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@dansup Check out for if there's any accessibility issues with it.

Maybe make the feature accessible in different forms (one list, and one "circle" maybe?).

Ask the community, what's missing from an accessibility perspective, and I do not only mean screen readers.

#PixelFed #A11y #Accessibility

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@maloki Accessibility is really important and I appreciate this feedback, thank you!

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@dansup Just figured I'd remind you :)

Pixelfed, Accessibility 

@dansup And you may want to post your own question about it.

@dansup aren't circles been introduced by the now defunct google+?

@dansup btw you're doing an amazing work but we're in 2019, without an app on iOS/Android connected with the camera it's quite useless.
A new app this year would be great since many people will be pissed off on the announced Facebook/instagram/whatsapp integration.

@filippodb @dansup Ya anteriormente, Diáspora introdujo los "aspectos", que viene a ser lo mismo que los círculos.

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