Will pixelfed.social be updated to the release candidate? I can't wait to try out 0.8!


Suggestion Why not use trending tags in the discovery section ofcourse give option to moderate it.🤔 and there will an option hashtah going to be local or from fedration
keep manual mode too.

@inditoot I decided not to proceed with trending hashtags after what happened on Twitter last November.


@dansup I talked to pleroma dev and he said hashtag are not bad just give ability to sort out bad hashtag.

@dansup You need to rethink and Stop focusing on bad things they gonna happen no matter what you do. 🤔

@inditoot I'm not focusing on bad things, trending hashtags make more sense on Twitter than IG. Now we have curated discover which is better IMO

@dansup Its good no doubt there but atleast you can add an option showing which tags are people constantly Uploading image too 🤔
Make work easy and User will be happy too

@dansup logged in and don't see any of the new features yet am I missing something?

@wakest Pixelfed.social isnt updated yet, will be later today!

It showed up on fediverse.network as being on the new release!

@wakest Some instances updated but pixelfed.social is still running v0.7.10

@dansup omg I think I was looking at pixfed.com and not pixelfed.social on that list. oops!

@dansup I just signed up for pixelfed.de/ to test Version 0.8.0rc1 but it looks exactly the same, no black theme, no circles, no remote following. I am confused.


@wakest I still have a few commits to push! I will tag v0.8.0rc1 once all the commits are merged.

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