Instagram ranked worst for young people’s mental health [0].

I am very aware of the toxic side of IG and look forward to establishing Pixelfed Labs [1]. The goal is to get the community involved in solving these tough issues through discussions, proposals and implementations.

We can build better alternatives if we work together!

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@dansup It's fascinating that it ranks YouTube first among social media. I have started looking at YouTube as more of an engine for radicalization than anything else, but maybe the thing that makes it such an effective recruiting tool for extremists is related to how using it makes young people feel?

(Also it quotes Laci Green, who herself has become alt-right-adjacent during her YouTube career. There's something not right about this article and I would lie to see someone check the raw data)

@Reinderdijkhuis Yeah good point! The article is from May 2017 but that surprised me too.

@Reinderdijkhuis The ranking makes sense to me: As you said, this ranking is about how the different networks make the teens feel. Most of those who are being radicalized by YouTube probably don't feel bad about it.
And since for most users YouTube is mostly about consumption, they feel less pressure there, compared to other networks where they're interacting more with their peers.

@Reinderdijkhuis @dansup I feel like creators on YouTube are more in communities, after all if you follow a creator in a category, they tend to cross promote that category of creators a lot. And while some categories are clear cut, there are blurry lines between some of them. There are barely any communities on Instagram, you are on your own most of the time. Post daily stories of die.

@Reinderdijkhuis @dansup I watch Youtube basically daily, from Gamerz (Game Grumps) to a lot of creators from makers (Adam Savage, Simone Giertz, William Osman) and old tech (Techmoan, LGR, The 8bit guy) communities. They seem like very nice people doing stuff they are passionate about, no real sense of competition or radicalization there. While it doesn't represent the majority, it's a platform where you choose your poison, and who you choose to support.

@hellcp @dansup I'm instinctively inclined to agree with the last part except there's some evidence that that doesn't work that well. Checking out a bunch of repair videos from the 8bit guy and gawking at Techmoan's cassette player collection didn't solve the recommendations problem for me, though as I wrote last week, a heaping dose of Bucks Fizz did, at least temporarily.

@dansup I think it's more about the human nature than the tool itself... It's nice to be aware of the problem and try to solve it, though. Given the supposed absence of control over a federated content net, maybe avoiding trendy (exploitable) recommendations algorhytms --like I think you decided to do recently-- will help somehow, as some of them are inherently toxic (promoting self-hatred, self-harm, etc.), specially on teens and young adults.

Yeah. I'm actively advising PixelFed as IG replacement to the young folks on our forum. And.. they are pleasantly surprised by crisp distraction-free design. 👌🤘

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