Would anyone be interested in a pixelfed hosting service? I think that will be my summer project.

@dansup I could see some good use especially for photographers/artists to use their own domains.

As a video content creator, I would personally like to see a service like this for peertube.

I do see the general value of fediverse hosting services :)

@dansup Also, I could totally envision some families having their own instance for more privacy and control over their images. Like a dad setting up an instance for their family and friends etc. 🤔

@hyde_stevenson @geotechland @dansup Is there any semi easy way that #pixelfed hosting could be integrated as an app for #nextcloud ? For a non-technical user this seems like a dream come true. It would likely increase the amount of instances exponentially! That goes for all the Fediverse services.

Not possible as far as I am aware of ... But who knows maybe it will pop up somewhere soon ! This community has the people to do it ;)
@geotechland @dansup

@hyde_stevenson @geotechland @dansup for someone like myself that wants to get a way from the big corporate services this would be the tipping point!:) You're right, you never know what comes next in the Fediverse.

That's my thought, too.. family instance for our photos.. maybe with albums, one day :)

@dansup one thing that keeps me from hosting an instance are the storage implications. Not sure where is cost effective and simple to host.

Ive heard of really large instances running on costs of ~100€/mo, so if you are only single or little users (i think) itd be cheap. Check for prices at to have an idea maybe

@dansup PaaS - Pixelfed as a Service! 😎 It's on my list to see how this plays with AWS.

@dansup I’m kinda waiting to see if wouls offer this service

@dansup I have already hosting for my website. Would rather love to see ways to extend that website with AP functionality to be able to share stuff directly from the already hosted website to the fediverse.

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