I love the Mastodon meetups, but what if we had a "Fediverse Conference"? Like with talks and stuff?

There could be tracks for technical topics and community topics, maybe a Q&A panel for instance admins. If we held it near Seattle or Portland, we could probably get half the fediverse, lol 😀

Topics I'd love to see at a fediverse conference:

- "Building a community on the fediverse"
- "Privacy and security for non-geeks"
- "The art of Mastodon bots"
- "Let's start an instance!"
- ...something else?

BTW in no way am I proposing that I want to be involved with running such a thing. I just want to will it into existence so I can attend and enjoy. 😊

@nolan @dansup is organizing something :D and for sure some help would be great

@yabirgb @dansup I had no idea! That's awesome. How do I sign up for your newsletter? 😀

@nolan @yabirgb Hey, still in the early planning stage for . I should have more info in a week or two!

@dansup @yabirgb Awesome, any thoughts on a locale? I would humbly submit the PNW (Vancouver-Seattle-Portland), as it seems there are a lot of us around here. 🙂


@nolan @yabirgb It will be an online conference accessible to everyone!

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