State by pixelfed, self hosted health monitoring for your instance. Coming soon!

Right now, everything is manual. In the future I plan to add uptime monitoring and other features. Will get back to pixelfed dev tomorrow 😉

Just had an idea, why not make it support ActivityPub and allow anyone to subscribe for updates. 😎

You can follow along here, lets see if I can get to 100 commits before I go to bed. Its only 10:33pm.

The dashboard is coming along great, might have this running in production next week 😁

This can monitor anything, not just pixelfed. Here is how it works:

You setup a System, it can have many Services like API or Website.

You can configure an Agent for each Service to perform health checks or use Workers which are powered by headless chrome to perform advanced tasks.

You can also define Alerts which can notify you if any Agents or Workers meet the threshold you define. Alerts will support sms, email, slack and discord notifications!

This didn't exist, so I had to make it 😉

@dansup and yeah nothing like this really exists afaict at least not without paying a bunch of money, ive looked. id love to have a newrelic kind of thing but that doesn't seem to exist for reasonable rates, never mind free/self-hosted.

@anna Yeah, you will be able to run State Agents from remote servers to more accurately detect downtime and run Worker jobs! Lots of instances use Cachet but that is garbage.

> This didn't exist, so I had to make it 😉

@dansup I'm not sure I understand. Monitoring solutions have existed for a while, as proprietary services and as open-source self hosted applications... What am I missing?

@mariusor @dansup We heard you liked Chrome so we put headless Chrome on all your servers.

@dansup I’m curious why something like #Prometheus doesn’t fit the bill for ya? You can do basic uptime monitoring all the way down to functionality timing.

@jaywink Nope! You can't subscribe to Prometheus over ActivityPub 😉

@dansup could be done ;) Well, tbh, the easiest way is to just make #Prometheus post to a bot which can be subscribed to. I have mine and #Feneas alerts go to a #Matrix room like this.

Subscribing to Prometheus itself doesn't really make sense since it generates events on configurable criteria. How would one subscribe to them? Would you define criteria in the dynamically created account? 🤔

@dansup Would be a nice tool for those fediverse admin guys like @angristan or, ahem, me.

Especially for those who host a lot of instances of a lot of projects. And their users, who be like "oh, what the fuck happened to my Mastodon account, why can't I log in" etc. Now they will know.

@dansup Uh. By the way, what would be a collective term for a bunch of State instances subscribed to one another? The United States?

@drequivalent State will only support remote followers, it cannot follow anything itself.

@drequivalent так и не понял, что за штуку он мутит.

@inhosin мониторинг, с возможностью нотификации по АП.

Может получиться что-то вроде тех страниц со статусами, которые обычно есть у дата-центров.

@drequivalent правильно ли я понял - сторонний сервис, который мониторит сайты и если чо пишет админу по АП? Круто, мы сейчас собственно разрабатываем нечто подобное внутри для мониторинга магазинов.

@inhosin да. Я как понял, админу и всем интересующимся.

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