A generic ActivityPub server with a familiar UI


"Pixelfed acquires Pixelbook and adopts new UI"

@sean Its funny you say that because I tried working with Pleroma on this "joke"

@dansup while I wouldn't use it, this would be awesome!
Would help many other people to migrate to fediverse, as it's not something alien

IMHO the thing "we" need is a super-lightweight API backend for fediverse, where people simply can programm frontends to it. So that I can decide whether I use my stuff as Tweetdeck (Mastodon), Twitter (Halcyon), Facebook or whatever

Oh, and we desperately need event planning like Facebook has on the fedi. Literally the only thing that keeps my people there

@Trollwut @dansup might be space to differentiate as an ap server that lets users choose their familiar ui. pick a default, allow switching?

@dansup well, if it 'looks like it', maybe ppl are more tempted to switch. ;)

@Sir_Boops @dansup it's pretty well established by this point that in most relevant legal systems you can only be sued for mechanisms (violating a patent) and not appearances (unless you violate a much more limited trademark)

@dansup still waiting on the one that looks like Tumblr

@dansup What would be the difference from Mastodon? Longer entries?

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