So many exciting things happening with ActivityPub projects recently!

- mastodon adds registration api
- pleroma stable release, tons of updates
- prismo has a new logo and version
- anfora has a surge of recent development
- florence gaining traction
- fedilab adds support for non-masto projects
- funkwhale hosts sync meetings to coordinate project dev
- WriteAs announces WriteAs Labs
- Spritely releases Golem demo

And lots more!

I didn't expect this toot to be this popular.

There are a lot of exciting projects that don't get as much attention as they deserve and I will do my best to spread the word!

@tealturtle It already has. It's owners have practically abandoned it.
@tealturtle I hope it somehow starts up again soon. In the meantime, there is a GNU Social fork that is still developed (although definitely not as fast as other platforms):

A lot of GNU Social instances have moved over to Pleroma, thanks to a script that automates the whole transfer.

@kris No I still believe, some of my friends are still on GS

@dansup This sound great, and I really feel like we need a blog writing "this week in the fediverse" posts, so we can get a bit more info, links, etc :)

@dansup spritely. Advancing AP in a esoteric functional language with as little documentation as possible! :ablobspin: way to go

@charlag @Transflux @dansup @cwebber I've never heard of spritely before, how serious is this? For whom are the demos?

@hinterwaeldler @charlag @Transflux @dansup It's serious. However, the demos are more for ActivityPub implementors at this point than for users... they're meant to inform fediverse implementors of what the fediverse *could be like*.

Some future demos will be more usable by end users, but not the ones I'm working on yet.

@cwebber @charlag @Transflux @dansup It's amazing that you do such work even though AP implementations are still rare (or limited in functionality). 👍

@hinterwaeldler @charlag @Transflux @dansup I think AP implementations aren't very rare any more, we've got about 50'ish last time people listed the ones that were federating or close to it

but! I do agree that many aren't using AP to its potential. Figuring out how to unlock that potential is a goal :)

@charlag @Transflux @dansup Yeah I'm not sure what's meant by not documented. has a heck of a lot of comments in it, and has a heck of a lot of words in it. What more are you looking for in docs?

@dansup can you say what prismo, anfora and florence are? Fedilab is like github?


Prismo: federated reddit
Anfora: federated instagram
Florence: mastodon fork
Fedilab: android app that supports mastodon/pleroma and more

@dansup oh, a federated reddit. nice :) and another mastodin fork. distribution is alive ^^

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