MicroUI for Pixelfed will not be shipping with text only posts. (It will be for pleroma though)

There are a lot of factors to consider before such a major feature is supported and requires in-depth discussion with the community before a decision is reached.

Pixelfed is for photos and trying to do too many things at once can degrade the experience.

@dansup wait, MicroUI is going to support Pleroma? I'm even more excited now

@shadowfacts More like Pleroma is going to support MicroUI!

Since pixelfed and pleroma both use Vue and mastodon apis, it made sense to share the UI with them!

@dansup good decision. Even though i'd like text only posts i feel like there does need to be discussion how to best implement it.

I think best thing to do is to have different timelines for images, text/micro blog posts, blog posts, video posts :)

@geotechland @dansup are you trying to make pixelfed be Tumblr? I think sticking with one thing and making that as good as it can be is a good plan

@wolfie @geotechland Nope, pixelfed is for photos and video only like Instagram. I'm leaning towards spinning MicroUI into its own separate project.

@dansup @wolfie cant say thats a bad option either. Sticking to one UI does have its benefits. Stories will still happen either way right?


Hmm Pleroma going to become tumblr im a way 🤔 with text post support

Pleroma = Tumblt
Mastodon = Twitter
Pixelfed = Instagram

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