The oldest feature that has not been released is Instagram Import.

I had a working implementation on April 26th, 1 month before the project name or code was even announced. It's in the git history

This and remote follows are my priorities for the next day or two!

@dansup This is awesome! Will there an iOS app be available, too?

@phranck I am not working on any apps, there are a few 3rd party apps in development!

@phranck @morii, @tom79 and @Tusky will support pixelfed when I release the apis!

@dansup @tom79 @Tusky Well, these are Android apps. So there no iOS apps atm I guess...


@phranck @tom79 @Tusky Morii is flutter, so it will support iOS. Also the Mast developer has hinted that they would make a Pixelfed app!

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