Users per node is an important metric I use to determine if I should close registration on

200 users per instance is a good goal.

@dansup I think, the active user number shouldn't be higher than Dunbar * number of administrators and moderators on the node * 0.75.

And as most of the Fediverse's nodes are one-person enterprises, yeah, this is not higher than 200, give or take.

@drequivalent I think lurkers multiply the manageable number by at least 10.

@clacke Probably, but the idea is you can't physically be responsible for more people than you can know at any given moment.

IMHO, I think average monthly users should be the criteria for calculation. On an instance with close to but not quite 200 active monthly users, it's still _very_ quiet. And since there is no federated timeline on each instance (yet?), there is very limited material to browse through.

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