Why doesn't mastodon support gifs?

Pleroma does. Pixelfed does. Don't go extinct!

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And I mean federated gifs, I know mastodon transcodes gifs into videos like they are imgur.

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@dansup I would assume it's a space saving thing. Looping video gifs use a lot less space compared to image gifs

@bootblackCub @dansup yeah, gif makes no sense except for pixel animations with transparency. if it's a static image then png is better. if it's not transparent or pixelated, then video is better.

@trwnh @bootblackCub @dansup Why aren't we all using apng yet :T It's lighter and allows for transparency...

@trwnh @bootblackCub @dansup but it's not loseless, imo converting gifs to apng makes more sense than gifs to video

Also it's not like there are no video formats that don't allow for transparency, they are just very rarely used

@hellcp @trwnh @bootblackCub @dansup Which video formats allow transparency? And more importantly, are those formats supported by major browsers?

@Gargron @trwnh @bootblackCub @dansup short answer, no, it seems that only uncompressed video formats support transparency, which is not a great idea from size standpoint. APNG is supported by every major browser though, and can be compressed >:D

@hellcp @Gargron @trwnh @dansup my main question is why does a reaction post need to be lossless? When I post a 4 second clip as a humorous reaction I don't feel like I need super high quality.

@bootblackCub @Gargron @trwnh @dansup apng while being lossless it still takes up less space than gif would compressed

@bootblackCub @Gargron @trwnh @dansup and compressed apng doesn't need to look as horrible as compressed gifs, considering their limited capabilities in general.

@hellcp @trwnh @dansup mostly I think because GIF is set as the byword for animated images in the public consciousness.
The only reason video gifs are slowly becoming more common is that they use the same container, the genpop don't know the difference.

@bootblackCub @trwnh @dansup to browsers it doesn't matter what extension you give to a file, apng file with .gif extension will play as well as gif itself, it will just be lighter :P

@Transflux File storage is so cheap though, and if mastodon cared about federated gifs they would transcode/optimize them instead of showing a link.

It's nice to see new projects embrace common formats.

@dansup I would (will) use videos for their compression. Did u ever consider the environmental impact of mbs stored and pushed around?

@Transflux Yes, like I mentioned, they should optimize gifs instead of expecting only jpegs and videos.

@dansup I agree on th e common format idea tho. Still smaller media means more accessibility for clients with bad connection

@Transflux If we are talking about accessibility, gifs are about a decade older than videos. Every browser supports gifs.

@dansup I'm sure I've seen animated .GIFs on my account. Is #Mastodon using something else? .APNG / .MNG?
@lnxw48a1 Or perhaps the most ironic format ever, animated WebP? 😀
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