Pixelfed is too centralized around

I will be permanently closing registrations once it reaches 10k users and work on solutions to encourage others to start instances!

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@thegibson pixelfed is surprisingly light, .social uses only 13 gb for 33k media (images and video) and that includes the database size!



so a 250 GB SSD would go quite a long way...

@thegibson Yeah, remote media will be proxied by default.

An 8mb image gets optimized down to 230kb on average!

with Mastodon you can clean up remote media so less disk space after some days
If your instance only takes 13gb for 10k users, hmm, maybe I get one up

@dansup so what so you see storage requirement look like?

I would self-host most likely.

@thegibson It really depends on what limits you set.

You can set a max number of users, storage limit per account, max photo size, max album size, and more!

@thegibson I haven't checked the docker file yet, in the near future it will be officially supported.

@dansup I think once federation becomes easier to set up I think you'll see a lot of instances popping up.

@Mrfunkedude @dansup agreed. Having set up a mastodon instance about 6 months ago felt a lot more difficult than the one I set up a couple weeks ago. hopefully it’ll get to the point where isp’s, webhosts, etc will be offering them like email.

@dansup I still struggle to see posts on from other instances. Once users can follow and see other this problem will solve, I hope

@tscho @dansup i totally agree with @tscho. The moment remote follow is possible, new instances will pop up quickly

@dansup I'm for this!

I very much want to run an instance, but I'm having a hard time cobbling together instructions for installation.

@rizzn I've been working on the docs lately, and hope to release the developer and production guides in addition to many other updates!

@dansup I've been documenting my installation journey. Happy top contribute my notes on setting up the prerequisites from scratch once I have a working instance.

👏 A yunohost package of pixelfed will help new instance to popup.
LDAP support is a feature that really smooth the integration into yunohost and make the package user friendly.
Mastodon package of yunohost doesn't fit well in yunohost because Mastodon doesn't support LDAP,
Maybe something to co-work on with Mastodon and Peertube.

@dansup please, make a setup and update guide. I will delete my account then at your instance!

@dansup I'd love to run an instance, but can't find install instructions. Would prefer to not use docker.

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