[POLL] What should be the next major feature of pixelfed?

@dansup Stories is the only feature I'm interested in and I've been waiting for it since a very long time

@vulonkaaz Stories are very important to the future of Pixelfed and have been in development for months.

I have high expectations for them and won't release until I think they are ready!

@dansup Circles. But I'm like the only ex-G+ user in existence so yeah don't bother.

You using pizelfed yet? We are about to raise a qoto instance soon (along with several other ActivityPub servers)


@freemo I was going to slap one up on a spare and highly appropriate domain tonight. I'm done moving hosts and still in an adminy mood so I figured why not.


@mngrif If your interested I could always give you access to our own server/cloud and you can bring one up on QOTO and help administer it if it you want. While I have others helping to administer mastodon so far its only me on the other servers until I hire someone to help.

@freemo sure but I'm not going to learn whatever fucktarded front end proxy that I'm sure you're using. There's no way you're running industry standard nginx, I know you too well for that.

But really I don't know anything about pixelfed past it's creator's toots. I should definitely give it a good thrashing with before committing to an avocation. Maybe in a week or two.

@mngrif We are in fact running nginx + letsencrypt + docker with discovery. About as industry standard as you can. You basically just compile a docker container with pixel fed in it, point it to an external database (we have a few up already), set some variables ont he container and the proxy will automatically discover it, route to it, and generate a SSL certificate for it.

Aside from the automated discovery its defacto industry standard all the way.

To be clear I was using haproxy but the current re-design changes that to ngix. That component is mostly done and working just need to get the individual servers up now.

@freemo elegant as always, my friend! I'll let you know how it goes, it has a basic docker config out of the box.

@mngrif High-class engineering, always. The nice thing is you can easily load balance multiple server instances too.

Yea let me know.

So, I've never used google + so I dont quite understand how circles work, but, if I understand it, they are like private groups where you dont know who else is on there right?

@thoughtcrime Nah, circles are just another name for a group of contacts. The really powerful part is if "share to extended circles" gets implemented, sharing to that means the people in the contact group can see it, ALONG WITH the people that those people have circled, so it shares 2 degrees of contacts out, while still keeping it semi-private.

Hum! So, if they are just groups, couldnt @prismo 's subprismos (the same as subreddits) be implemented that way? After all, subreddits are just groups of people right?

Just an idea hehe

Late, but here is my short explanation:

On twitter and to a large degree mastodon everything you share is shared with every follower.

I know however that even considering how few people follow me they aren't all interested in the same topics. If I comment on a news story from Norway it is noise for 90% of you.

If I write about frontend it is irrelevant for 70% of you.

@thoughtcrime @mngrif @dansup

#circles #googleplusrefugees

Hehe, that might very well be. I have the opposite problem of what everyone else seems to have with Facebook, I don't enjoy it and can easily forget to check it for weeks.

Don't know why, I tried a few times to get it.

@thoughtcrime @mngrif @dansup

@eitland @thoughtcrime @mngrif @dansup as most reasonable people on Facebook I must take care of an corporate account. :-/


If I write about computer security few people care about anything but the scandals anyway I guess :-/

@thoughtcrime @mngrif @dansup


With circles I could send security comments only to those two people who'd care, photos only to my close friends, Norwegian stuff only to people who can read Norwegian and care, etc.

@thoughtcrime @mngrif @dansup

#circles #googleplusrefugees


In addition google plus had collections.

To explain, circles was were I could push updates to groups of people, collections was were other people could subscribe to certain topics I cared about: local stuff, Java, etc.

@thoughtcrime @mngrif @dansup

#googleplusrefugees #ideas

@dansup circles!

Google+ was the only social network that "got" the fact that many of us belong to many groups and we probably shouldn't shout everything to everyone all the time.

They're closing now and many #googleplusrefugees like me are probably looking for an alternative.

(No idea how the poll is supposed to work, but I couldn't vote neither in fedilab nor on

If this is for post-remote follow & instagram imports working then circles sounds cool

@dansup I'd vote for fixing existing bugs first:
But then it's Stories. Sorry, my Mastodon instance doesn't support polls yet.

@dansup so what version of :mastodon: do you need for polls to show up correctly? They only show up as text for me.... :blobthinkingeyes:


[ ] Stories
[ ] Circles
[x ] Collections
[ ] Camera Roll

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