"I’m just writing to let you know that we've put together a list of essential ethical tools & resources, and of course you're in it! "


@dansup What do you think about Minds? I see it's not there.

@deerbard I've never used Minds before but looking at the code its based on Elgg and is not the highest quality project by PSR standards or modern conventions.

@dansup no idea what it all means 😅 Does it mean it's less ethical?

@deerbard Not at all, all I meant was it might be harder for new contributors to learn because of the weird structure of the code!

@deerbard @dansup they claim it’s decentralized but it’s not really, don’t think it’s considered ‘ethical’

@deerbard @dansup in fact, they are on a good way to implement ActivityPub, there’s a PR that starts it, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves from Minds developers :/

@dansup @deerbard but I guess a large part of the fedivere would block it xd

@m4sk1n @dansup Thx guys, I think it was simple enough for me to understand what you mean :)

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