I'm so proud of the new Post UI with the emoji bar and comment improvements (timestamps, like count, and eventual threaded replies). Pixelfed is starting to look half decent 😁

@dansup The one in production doesn’t work with drag and drop correctly; dragging an image (from Photos on a Mac) causes the web page to be replaced by the image. Classic compose doesn’t have this problem.

@acb I will add drag and drop support to the Compose UI, thanks for the feedback!

@dansup maybe you still think to swap the search bar and notifications icon?

@dansup Is there a demo where we can play around the interface a little?

@dansup can’t wait for the v1. I’ve got my peertube, Nextcloud, mastodon, gitea. The next piece is Pixelfed.

@dansup will I be able to specify a custom folder for my photos? Wanna have them in a mounted volume.

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