Should Pixelfed support double tap to like?

There is an open PR, and I would like some feedback from the community before a decision is made!

@dansup I like that feature on instagram so I dont see why not. maybe a optional toggle off in the settings

my girlfriend won't use it unless this feature is added 🙏

@specter I almost rejected the PR because I don't see the point but it appears a lot of people want it, so it will likely be merged. 😅

@dansup I really don't know how I feel 🤔 On one hand, it's very convenient but, on the other, it would kind of be like Pixelfed stole it from IG. I mean there's nothing wrong with implementing good features from another platform but . . . :thonking:

@charlag @amolith Nope! The UI has evolved so rapidly that smaller features like that are not the priority yet.

@dansup @charlag
Speaking of the UI, I must say I really like it 👍

I voted no only because it is easy to accidentally double tap on an image and accidentally like 😅 But its a soft no lol

I have legit double tapped pixelfed several times and am not even sorry.

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