GNU/Social will support ActivityPub via my plugin before Mastodon and Pleroma deprecate OStatus.

I look forward to helping modernize the GS code base this summer 😄

The ActivityPub plugin doesn't work just yet, but I got HTTP Signatures working today. Ah, and the problem of notes duplication is gone too :)
It seems Mastodon is deprecating it, Pleroma just won't maintain it. GNU social will __not__ deprecate OStatus.

In GNU social the ActivityPub plugin fallbacks to OStatus.

@dansup Wow this is good news! Thank you for taking the time and caring about other federated projects 😀
I assume many pioneers and early advocates of federated social networking to be on #GNUSocial, I mean those who were here even before #Mastodon and #ActivityPub were a thing. Your work will help prevent a fracture in our community. Thank you, and keep it up 👍

@dansup how come you are trying to implement support for a dead project, but not integrate microui into something maintained?

@succfemboi @dansup The Pixelfed Micro UI was branched out as a separate front-end component some time ago, precisely so that when it's finished any fedi platform could possibly mount it as an alternative fromt-end, if they wished:

I especially implore you to focus your attention on point number 4 in the above article.

@dansup I didn't know pleroma has plans to deprecate OStatus. ??
@dansup can you update and archive that repo so it points to: (just so we don't miss any contributions)

I've lost my access to since the last data loss :/
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