So many exciting things to release!

- New
- v0.10 (Collections + Federation)
- Continuity (Compose new posts across devices)
- Direct (Messages)
- Documentation
- Easy Install
- MomentUI updates
- Blog Posts
- Project Delta (Instance Picker)
- New @PixelfedLabs experiments
- Stories Beta (Non-federated ephemeral posts, will federate after beta)

@dansup @PixelfedLabs I was so pleasantly surprised to see that when I posted a link to Discord, the image previewed! 😎

@dansup @PixelfedLabs Any news on federation. Like one pixelfed user from one instance being able to folllow another pixelfed user on other instance?

@dansup @PixelfedLabs

Just used Simple Timeline, i must say i am impressed 👍

Make Double tap like Faster and add Animation of Heart.

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