Transactional email providers with low delivery failures are not cheap.

New monthly costs:

$80 - email provider
$40 - dedicated server (media)
$40 - vps (app/db/redis)
$30 - cloudflare (pro + 2 managed tls certs)
$20 - backups, Spaces, CDN
$20 - server

This is starting to get expensive 😅

I want to make it clear that this is over provisioned and pixelfed can run on a $10/month VPS.

I don't have time to manage a mail server, TLS certs, etc and thats why this is more expensive than a typical setup.

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@dansup Cant cloudflare be avoided? Its too central a player to be scared of.
@dansup And I guess it's all about Google or Microsoft rejecting them?

@inditoot Mailgun. It costs so much because it comes with a dedicated IP address with a good reputation.

Wow, per month? I'll chip in, but does seem pricey... Maybe I'm just out of touch 😁

@dansup I think that it's expensive for mail, why not install your own mail server and giveaway half of the 80$/month to some community or project, if may I suggest. Or is there something special in your mail provider ?

@dansup 100K emails/month on that plan?! How many users on

I get it though, nobody really wants to admin a mail server. But that sounds like a lot (assuming you're on the mailgun plan I guess you are).

Dont hesitate to let people know they can support you on patreon/liberapay!

In fact is about 10€/month, with all components. :)

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