Post fetching works, the only issue is the thumbnail takes a few seconds to generate.

@geotechland Yes, you will be able to reply to a text only top level post.

Wouldnt that confuse some users if they see text only posts they would think they could also post text only posts on pixelfed? 🤔

@geotechland Not really, comments are text only. If text only posts start appearing in timelines, that could confuse people IMO.

Ahh thats what I meant. If a pixelfed user follows a mastodon user on pixelfed, would their text only posts show up in the pixelfed timeline?

You could try the #hashblur while it loads, perhaps? I love how it looks over here. @dansup

@guephren That would take even longer to generate a blurhash. I'll figure something out!

Hehe, you're right! Does Mastodon share the blurhash when it first send the info? You could try adding it to Pixelfed, plus Mastodon, and you'd have two services using it and maybe it could prompt others to follow suit.

This doesn't solve the current issue though. :/

Hmm… it could be generated from a user's profile pic to make a background for text only posts? Just thinking out loud.


@guephren I'm thinking of two options:

1) PixelCamo (wip media proxy for pixelfed)

2) Delay the search results until the thumbnail is generated

Will probably be #2 and then #1 once ready.

I don't know how media proxies work but they do seem as extra work. I'm sure we users can live with a little delay for a while as long as we know something is happening in the background. :)


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