Full federation timeline:

v0.9.5 - Remote follows, remote posts in home timeline (ETA: ~1 day)

v0.9.6 - Shared inbox, profile refetching, bug fixes (ETA: ~1 week)

v0.9.7 - Network timeline (ETA: ready now)

v0.9.8 - Direct Messages (ETA: ready now)

v0.9.9 - Bug fixes and TBA features

Keep in mind that opt-in federation updates in v0.9.5 will be extremely experimental.

Enabling the federation experiments is not recommended for production instances until v0.9.6 or later.

@dansup exciting times ahead! Is reshare in any of those releases?

@dansup Will you be adding stories? Kinda hard to get my school to move if it's missing features that Instagram has.

@blakel252 Yes, Stories are planned after mobile APIs and full federation is released.

@dansup If I understand well, now that I have an instance in 0.9.6, I should be able to follow an account from another Pixelfed instance, right ?

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