It shouldn't take Gab joining the fediverse for developers/admins to take platform safety seriously.

@dansup Totally. I'm glad there are other projects popping up like your own to address some of this. TY! :D

A garbage site dedicated to racist/Nazi content. Known as the refuge for people too toxic even for fb, twitter, etc. No redeeming value whatsoever.

Really? I just took a look over there: racism, racist revisionism, dogwhistles, Nazism, qanon garbage and 'great replacement' bullshit racism/supremacism. I didn't have to scroll very far before I got sick of it. That place is literally incubating terrorists.

@dragnucs @dansup It's where people go that Twitter considers too racist. So...

@dansup Why is everyone talking about Gab in relation to the fediverse now? Has it ACTUALLY joined? It's just that i've seen nothing yet.

i have seen some posts from, so they are definitely on the fediverse.

@dansup the problem is people label everything a Nazi now days. Even when clearly not.

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