It shouldn't take Gab joining the fediverse for developers/admins to take platform safety seriously.

@dansup Totally. I'm glad there are other projects popping up like your own to address some of this. TY! :D

A garbage site dedicated to racist/Nazi content. Known as the refuge for people too toxic even for fb, twitter, etc. No redeeming value whatsoever.

Really? I just took a look over there: racism, racist revisionism, dogwhistles, Nazism, qanon garbage and 'great replacement' bullshit racism/supremacism. I didn't have to scroll very far before I got sick of it. That place is literally incubating terrorists.

@dragnucs @dansup It's where people go that Twitter considers too racist. So...

@dragnucs @dansup please take a look at

Gab is an instance with about 12000 active users. Most of which are far-right or alt-right.

@saxnot @dansup I have zero understanding of this left/right thing. What is far-right?

@dragnucs @dansup politics is a complex mess. One way to align all the political opinions is to squeeze them into one dimension, commonly called "left" and "right".
While this model is too simple to reflect real politics it is widespread for referring to groups of people.

For example here in europe the right-wing is commonly dissatisified with immigration while the left-wing considers it OK.


Don't trust me. Do your own research.

@dragnucs "gab" is a political topic.

While politics is more often than not tagged here in the fediverse it is also fairly accepted that there's no such thing as "not being political".

Being "non-political" means "to be political without noticing it". Which is bad. We're not living in a world where some king will take care of the country. We the people need to research, discuss establish an opinion, and act accordingly.



@saxnot I have just read the wikipedia article.

Are they part of the #fediverse or something? Why so much hype?

@dragnucs @dansup they run a fork of mastodon and thus they are part of the fediverse.

Much hype began when the #Tusky client started to block people who wantes to register via Tusky is an Android App for viewing the Fediverse.

The fediverse is a safe harbor for many. This means, that harrasment is not tolerated. This also means, that admins have the right to remove users when thex are considered harmful/toxic („no free speech“).

@dragnucs @dansup many people (e. g. non-binaries, homosexuals, …) do not want to federate with an instance which tolerates people who are against their being.

"Free speech" is granted by the state. Free speech is not granted by people who host mastodon servers. Every admin can kick whomever they want and they can stop federating whith whomever they want. That's their right as a server owner. The admins do not need to "respect freedom as speech" as they're not the gov.

@dansup easy to understand instance blocking would be nice.

running a single user instance could benefit from learning what the popular instances have learned about each other.

this need not be delegated to a single authority like Google or Apple.

@dansup Why is everyone talking about Gab in relation to the fediverse now? Has it ACTUALLY joined? It's just that i've seen nothing yet.

@joel @dansup AFAIK gab is a mastodon fork with fairly heavy modifications.

They have e. g. paid pro accounts, "verified" badges, a custom design, …
Due to LGPL the source code is open. Haven't checked where the source is.

i have seen some posts from, so they are definitely on the fediverse.

@dansup the problem is people label everything a Nazi now days. Even when clearly not.

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