Blocking a domain won't prevent online bullying, racism, sexism or other abuse endemic on social media.

We can't settle for domain blocks, there is more to be done.

@dansup why the heck is gab being added to the fediverse in the first place anyhow

@dansup 💯 I think between all of us developers working on these projects, we can borrow ideas from each other to help make this as safe as possible.

@dansup no, it won’t. But I think domain blocking is the right way in this case. Gab’s content is not manipulating in a technical way, but its users might employ manipulating techniques to spread the content.

Thus, better tools are needed to stop malicious users, but to stop a source of malicious content, domain blocks are an okay tool.

It's an open platform. Anyone can set up their own instance of they want to. And anyone can block federation if they want to as well. We shouldn't go through measures to further stop those we disagree with.

Who says settle for domain blocks? Use all the tools in the box, man. We are at a critical point in history here. Don't get used.

@Viking @dansup Yes, because you don't have the personal experience of hate speech and visibly you haven't cared to listen to the people actually affected by hate speech.

It's easier to be broadly for an ill-defined freedom of speech when you don't stand to lose anything from hate speech because you aren't concerned.
@ChrisWilson @dansup @Viking There are some forms of speech that are meant to hurt. Not to discuss, not to debate, not to present an argument. Just to bluntly hurt anyone who's targeted. It isn't as impactful as a physical blow, more akin to the death by a thousand cuts.

Even if you can get past the sheer cruelty of it (mostly because you aren't the intended target) and present new information, it won't matter because the initial point was not for its mind to be changed.

As a person or even an instance admin, you can't prevent this kind of speech to be published anywhere on the Internet, but you can prevent yourself/your users to be exposed to it, because it is pointless. It is unoriginal, unintelligent and only aims at hurting people and assert in-group belonging.
@ChrisWilson @dansup @Viking I'm sorry you had to go through abuse, and I'm glad you took something positive out of it, but wouldn't i have been better if you hadn't been abused in the first place?

Resilience is a quality heavily tainted by survivor bias. For each person who can claim they're resilient because they came back from abuse, how many can't because they didn't? Is it worth it to try to find out? It would be like opening floodgates and find out who can swim and who can't.

No all speech is equal, like not all opinions are equal. And exposing people to the worst speech and opinions isn't a desirable outcome even if some good can be gotten out of it.
@ChrisWilson @dansup @Viking "echo chambers that feed back and grow louder" is the basic definition of an interest-based community, offline or online. And it's never a problem, unless the interest is toxic/morally reprehensible, like anything discriminatory. But in those cases, the problem obviously isn't the "echo chamber" part.

And domain blocking isn't censorship nor a free speech infringement, no matter how much those who want to (or don't care about) hurt innocent audiences keep repeating it.
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