Instagram was ranked as the most toxic social media platform[0].

Pixelfed can do better but we need your help.

I'm organizing working groups to contribute solutions that improve platform safety.

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0 -

@dansup @PixelfedLabs wow youtube most positive, really? I have a few doubts with that survey, also quoting Laci Green :blobnomouth:

But either way, I know pixelfed can be better than any of the sites mentioned on that report! :blobcheer:

@dansup @PixelfedLabs Not really surprising, especially when we understand how they make money.

@KelsonV @dansup @PixelfedLabs I think this is to do with the implications on image and self-worth. Twitter and FaceBook have more of a community feel than a competitive one (even though of course they all have their negatives)

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