I made some inappropriate statements last night that do not reflect the values or goals of Pixelfed or myself.

I am sorry, I do not support any form of abuse on Pixelfed or the fediverse and have a few ideas to help improve the path going forward.

- I will be looking for a community manager

- Giving the working groups the power to set project goals

- More transparency on development and roadmap goals

@dansup Finally!

Yeah I've been poking around some other people about that you need a Community Manager, and someone that you'll listen to and hear, when they keep an ear to the ground and update you on what's going on in the fediverse.

Good luck!

@maloki Yeah, I've made a few mistakes with marketing/PR of the project and having a CM would allow me to focus more on coding while prioritizing features decided by the CM and Pixelfed Labs working groups.

@dansup Yeah, it's a fantastic decision, I'm glad you're making it right now. :)

@dansup @maloki this is a great decision, and one that can be hard to front up and accept. Spreading yourself too thin on a project with big ambitions is a recipe for disaster.

Good luck in your search for a wise CM

@dansup Don't worry, we remember each time this happens. We'll remind you.

I'm not aware of what happened, but your attitude in assuming the mistake and taking action shows how madure you are.

@dansup If I understand what was said, and what the intention was, it was more a question of poor communication on, "everyone's" part, than that you said something actually terrible.

The "must say the right thing" attitude that some people have demonstrated, is *highly* toxic, especially with so much of the "long live the ephemeral" that goes on.

Many people working and doing these projects aren't able to handle *that* and continue with the development effort. The negative is rarely devs.

@dansup Well, the negativity rarely is devs starting with it. But rather that they fail to fully assess before they say, "to develop that would be a pain," or "no problem doing that," and constantly changing the direction of things...

It's right rough work, and if you're getting, "buy in" from other people, it's hard to keep motivated with the kinds of responses I've seen to you.

I haven't seen *what* you said as you deleted it. But even the "quotes" haven't been worthy of the criticism.

@dansup hard thing to do but good on you. Good work. 👍

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