Sometimes I wonder, how the heck was I able to make Pixelfed.

As a high school dropout with a criminal record that got into web development in my 20's I would have never imagined this.

Never give up on your dreams or passions!

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@dansup It's awesome. Keep up the good work.

Now I'm curious about your criminal history. But won't ask.

@dansup It's that you don't like hockey, isn't it...

@TechnicalKO Got caught smoking weed at school, double whammy.

@didnt1able @TechnicalKO The vice-principals would search the parking lot before every class. If you didn't have tinted windows..

@dansup @TechnicalKO Oh you were in your car, fair. I would always leave school property. The one time i got caught was because one of the people who lived near the school called it in. Pricks I tell yah.

@dansup I forget that weed is a criminal offence.

@dansup @TechnicalKO Such a ridiculous thing to cause a criminal record that shadows your entire career afterward. :(

@narF @TechnicalKO I did get other weed charges too, not a big deal though. It's legal now 😁

@dansup You're a big inspiration man! Thanks for doing what you do. Keeps us others striving too, without school.

@dansup one of the nice things about web development is that all you need is a (relatively cheap) computer, some kind of internet connection, and the ability to learn things by reading tutorials, and you can start doing it, without needing to get anyone's permission, even if you got caught smoking weed


Thann you for your work @dansup , you are building an awesome piece of software :)

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