@dansup congrats! Do we have an app yet? It would be really cool to expose the #activitypub api to the client side on #fediverse projects so a single app could connect to them all

@dansup it's a shame that there needs to be a nazi-free alternative to anything. There should just not be Nazis anywhere.

@aurelienpierre @dansup Nazis don't have "different opinions". They call for the genocide of people. You might not realize it , because, you know, you aren't part of that people

@aurelienpierre @dansup Nope, not mentally challenged, just regular people with shitty beliefs. And the day Antifa starts rounding Nazis in concentration camps, you'll be able to claim that "you are becoming the one you fight". Until then, I strongly suggest you shut up.
@aurelienpierre @dansup You brought up the point that people fighting Nazis are becoming Nazis, not me. I called you out on your own Godwin point.
@aurelienpierre @dansup At least the US is putting asylum seekers in concentration camps where they are willfully denied basic human decency in the name of national security. Does this ring any historical bell?
@aurelienpierre @dansup You know what, I'm going to keep blaming the British Empire, Nazi Germany, 1942 US (with the Japanase Internment Camps) and current US for that because if your only point is that the word "Nazi" is slightly misused, then we have nothing to talk about.
@aurelienpierre @dansup You're saying so many wrong thing I can't muster the courage to go through each one of them. You can still back out from publicly defending white supremacists, though, it isn't too late.

@dansup The "nazi-free" statement is terrible. It will just make nazis curious about joining the service for the sake of it >:T

Open source stuff can't be nazi free, the services being run based on the software can be, but only with very active anti-nazi policies. It's a lot of work...

@dansup Wait is this article even real... I can't find it! Lol am I getting punked? Or do I suck at the web.

@cj @dansup It's a memeified article from motherboard which called Gab the biggest mastodon instance and such lol


Damn, I guess I'll have to keep waiting for @dansup to get the dank media recognition he deserves.

@dansup Such a terrible headline. Combined with his other awful article about Gab Social, this author definitely is missing the point by a mile.
@dansup If it isn't clear in my comment, I'm anti-Nazi and anti-Gab, but "Nazi-free" is inaccurate at best and the Gab Social article bases itself on forged audience numbers with no further investigation.
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