I have identified 80 accounts on that registered using disposable email addresses.

To combat spam and improve platform safety those accounts will be deleted.

Will be announcing some huge anti-spam measures this weekend 😎

@dansup What do you use to determine whether an address is disposable? The domain name? i.e.,, etc. Or do you look for +-symbols in the username portion of the address?

@dansup idk i don't think we should be punishing people just for using temporary mail

@trwnh @dansup I agree. Unless there's abuse, they might be using it for privacy reasons. Probably no different if those same users decided to create additional yahoo or outlook accounts for their uses

@dansup Are you doing any manual review of them? Because I've been known to subscribe from disposable addresses when I'm not sure about new services (not that I did on pixelfed).

@gamehawk Yes, there are a few legit accounts that will not be deleted!

@Gargron Still hashing out the details, its split into pre-registration and post-registration identification and mitigation. Hope to write a blog post about the methods we'll be using for this.

@dansup People use disposable email addresses for privacy and to combat spam all the time.

@rosnovsky @dansup Particularly when trying out a new service they're not sure they're going to keep.

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