How the fuck are these the top comments on the RMS resignation post ?!

We should be cheering his resignation, you don't get to say shit like that and expect nothing to happen.

@kaniini @dansup something awful has a special thread gawping at the hacker news idiots
@alexandria @dansup the HN folks are missing the point anyway. this isn't about Epstein, Epstein is just the catalyst. FSF board has wanted RMS out for years due to his personal sabotage of key FSF projects.
@alexandria @kaniini haha nice

i had to duck out because i was feeling the irony poisoning setting in though

@dansup simple: this is EXACTLY the kind of person that worshipped at the unclipped toenails of RMS while posting pseudo-anonymous diatribes about "where are my booth babes?!"

@dansup Where are you seeing these shitty comments? Everything here has been overwhelmingly positive.
@dansup Oh, well, duh. HN is a cesspool. Avoid.

@dansup I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as cheering, is in fact, GNU/cheering, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus cheering.

@dansup It's disappointingly predictable what this reaction around this has been. It sadly happens over and over. I have generally avoided political conversations around this previously but I can't any longer. Doing that does a disservice to the entire community.

@dansup Yeah, HN is not a healthy place. I replied to the guy that's all "it's the end of free speech" doom-sayer, now I get to wait for the downvotes to come in.

@dansup in a strange turn of events, the comments on /r/linux are much more sane


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@dansup It's been fascinating to watch the shift in values over my lifetime. The shit dudes used to get away with just isn't tolerated anymore. But values aren't universal, and some people choose to lag behind the mainstream.

@dansup Some people view these kinds of people like deities. Whatever they do they're still always correct and good.

@jaywink @dansup I just hope the Free Software movement doesn't get affected negatively by this. This is something that will test the strength of the movement and prove that it doesn't depend on a single person, but that there's many people behind it willing to work for its success. The GPL/AGPL/LGPL and other copyleft licenses are something we truly need these days. Thanks for your service and efforts, RMS, but the movement needs to grow beyond you.

@andycuccaro @jaywink out of curiosity, how would the *GPL licences be hurt by the FSF disappearing? AFAIK there are a number of other non-profits that are willing to help people enforce them.

@mariusor @jaywink I'm not an expert, but imo, if the main driving force behind them disappears, they would stop being promoted, then they would no longer being used in new projects and they would slowly fade out of use.
PS: I know they are viral in nature and they usually spread, but in theory, if new projects are born that can replace older GPLed projects, then the *GPL could be hurt.

@andycuccaro for the life of me I can't remember seeing the *GPL licences "promoted" anywhere

@mariusor Well, they do campaigns and conferences and talks. What would you call all that?

@andycuccaro for promoting GPL licences? I must be living under a rock, never saw mentions of them, not even as a FSF member.

@mariusor Yeah, I don't think there's talks and conferences exclusively for promoting *GPL licenses. But from what I know they are always mentioned and recommended as the better option for licensing software.
(Also, selling merch with the GPL printed on it doesn't count as promoting?)

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