I'm so gutted that is gone.

I'd like to think they naruto ran into Area 51 and will be back one day.

Pour one out for, we will never forget.

@dansup Dang, they're agreat resource! Their birdsite account is deleted too; and their web site is not on

If no one takes it on to mirror all that swell content I'll do it.
Presumably some of the mirror sites might step up?

@dansup @johnweeks

/ @cwebber is gone and also all their contact -
The links are in the above. Maybe we could put them somewhere else too, e.g. as a pinned post at (?)


Many thanks!
I have ripped the site archive and may put it up as a sub section on a new anti-Facebook site I'm working on. Will share it here when it's done.

@ericbuijs1 @dansup I'm not an alternative to, I simply recommend interesting FOSS programs. Whether said programs are suitable alternatives to closed source or unethical programs is coincidental.

That being said, I would love to help create and grow a 2.0, since that site was what led me to Mastodon in the first place.

@dansup huh, did I miss something? What happened?

@dansup I'm in denial too... Has there been ANY word on why?

@tchambers Something happened on twitter I think, it will be missed.

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