Does this make sense in your opinion? I don't want to put too much emphasis on the fact there are two ComposeUIs.

@dansup I haven't tested but I believe for users it can be confusing. Keep it simple for the users and allow admin and power users to enable for themselves

@dansup hmm I personally think its fine how you have it. It makes it clear in the UI that it is in BETA

@dansup I get a sense that I can post, and I can try a beta way to post, not that there’re two UIs

@dansup Is this a change? The current New Post composer allows up to 10 images?

@Unatributed Pixelfed doesn't have a hardcoded post limit, this screenshot is from my local dev instance.'s limit of 10 photos or videos will not change.

@dansup Ahh - okay... Was confused by that...worried it would be a change (I have a post that will consist of 9 images coming up in my collection).

Otherwise, I would say the new UI is clean looking and easily understood.

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