I really need to start blogging or podcasting about Pixelfed development.

I could go on forever about the technical details of things and I'm sure someone would find that interesting.

I would certainly find it interesting. I plan to host a Pixelfed instance myself soon.

@dansup it would be great to read! Many aren’t building a social network from scratch anymore. They’re just building on someone else’s lessons/assumptions

@dansup Or, be invited by other podcasts.

Great to spread the word and no production time. Maybe @adam can help you get in contact with a few.

And if you want to start yourself, have a look at Anchor. Very easy podcasting platform.

@patrickloonstra I started recording podcasts a few months ago, and been working on a federated podcast platform to host them. Now that Mastodon supports audio, I want to ship and use it!

@dansup That sounds like the most logical place to federate it.
But do not forget to make it easy for the world outside to subscribe to it.

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