@dansup I disabled my IG account this morning after reading that article. Looking forward to using Pixelfed more regularly! 📸

@dansup Is it possible to import IG photos to Pixelfed to move there?

@suitbertmonz Hi, Instagram Import feature is still in development!

I have hopefully have sent a bunch of users your way when it was dicussed earlier today :-)

@dansup Yes, it's been like that since early-mid September iirc. That's why RSS Box stopped supporting IG feeds.

@dansup Gotta squeeze every last drop of "monetization" outta those profiles!

@dansup Seriously, though, I've been slowly moving away from Instagram all year. The more control FB exerts on it, the less it feels like a place I want to be.

I'm not at the point of deleting my account yet, but I'm not posting there anymore & I'm seriously considering dropping all the accounts I follow except for people I actually know, and paring down my archive.

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