If I don't land any freelancer gigs this week, I might need to take a break from Pixelfed development 😔

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@maloki yeah, I've applied for a few grants so fingers crossed!

@dansup but you have Open Collective etc right ?

Write something on here, post a picture about it with link on your pixelfed account, etc.

@dansup Oh man thats a shame but totally understandable. You need to take care of yourself before anything else, otherwise its a lost cause. Really hoping things work out for you man, you deserve it and we all appreciate everything you have done for Pixelfed. Really hoping things work out for ya, sending good vibes.

@dansup take a break anyway. It’s hard trying to land a gig. Find something fun that’s not coding and do that

@bzdata Thanks for the advice, I have a few ideas on how I can keep Pixelfed going and be financially stable again!

@dansup write it down but mentally separate yourself from work for a while. It helps!

Good luck with work and if you have to stop or pause something, go ahead, the first thing is that you are personally well.

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