"Distance Instagram from other social networks"

This shit is why the fediverse will thrive.

Facebook is too scared to let other social networks be mentioned along side them 😂

@dansup the hashtag remark for and is absurd. I still use cams and maphone records, so I ain't allowed to talk about my hobbies on other platforms than those? 😮

@dansup What about #Telegram then? or #Killagram the rappers from Novokuznetsk? or #Instapaper?
@melezh @dansup So Facebook now imply they own the word 'gram' which is a unit of weight.

@zleap @melezh This only applies if you mention Instagram along side another brand or social network.

@dansup goes on to show how insecure are the tech 'giants'!

@graciousgarg @dansup My tech jam page mentions fb, instagram and here,…

If Fb does not like it, they can get stuffed.
@graciousgarg @dansup Why are they worried about mentioning Instagram when Facebook own Instagram.

@zleap they are okay with the two of them together as long as a third brand doesn't get a mention

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