Money is really tight right now until I receive the first grant payment.

Any help is very appreciated!

Sent enough for a case of Molson ice, some poutine, and a beaver tail. How it helps.

The real question though, where the fuck is @TheTootOfGod when you need him? #disappointed

Lol, should have been *hope it helps... Don't toot and nap kids!

@dansup Hey Dan, I don't know you personally, but I am thankful for the work you've done with #pixelfed

Even though I am not a very heavy user of the platform I do think you deserve a shot at taking it even further, so I've sent some money your way to help you power through these tough times. It's not a lot, but I hope it helps you out anyway. It should be enough for a nice meal, but use it as you see fit :) I hope you have a fantastic day!

@dansup sent you some taco money. One of these days I need to migrate my taco blog off Tumblr to a custom Pixelfed instance. :)

@dansup hoping others can help, too! You do great work, Dan!

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