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@dansup is there/what is the storage limit for pixelfed? I'm wondering if it would work for storing/sharing collections of high res images

@plantarum Yes, instances can set a per user storage limit or allow unlimited storage. You can also disable image optimization to preserve original uploads.

@dansup I see, thanks! Is this information posted for existing instances? Looking at, I don't see anything about storage limits

@plantarum Yeah, I need to add that information to the Help Center.

You can see the storage used/limit on

@dansup great! It looks like, unless there's a generous administrator out there giving away unlimited storage, I'm probably better off storing my large photo albums on Flickr or similar, and using pixelfed more for social sharing.

I don't suppose there are any commercial instances yet?

@plantarum @dansup You should see Pixelfed as a better version of Instagram and use someting else for image storage. As you say, Pixelfed is for social sharing. Especially if image optimization is enabled.. It's just gonna ruin the original picture imho :/

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