What the heck, Imma have to put "built by Dansup" above the fold on

@dansup It's okay. Now you can become head of Mastodon Corporation's PF division and get your stock awards before the IPO.

(I guess it's a good thing your project got noticed, even if they got the creator wrong.)

@dansup Just own up to it, create a company named Mastodon, and sue Eugen for using that name on his platform.

Then sell out to Facebook

Hmmm "a Mastodon's photo sharing platform", eh?

Is that what a Mastodon user is? A "Mastodon". Seems a little too basic. I'd accept toot'r, masty, mastodoneon

@dansup Serious guys stop leaking this info the CEO of Mastodon isn't gonna have anything to talk about.

How did I miss the press release where @Gargron announced the acquisition of photo sharing startup Pixelfed™️ by the federated social media giant Mastodon™️

Upon closing of the deal @dansup became Vice President of Mastodon™️


@dansup Is there an app i can use for pixelfed? I'd love to use it on my phone

@voyager28 Not all instances support mobile apps yet, the ones that do should work with any mastodon compatible app!

@voyager28 Not at the moment, that instance doesn't support mobile apps yet. It should within the next week!

@voyager28 @dansup I'm pretty sure fedilab works well with many if not most of the fediverse platforms, including pixelfed. It's available on both playstore and f-droid.

@dansup can we add a modal with giant "NOT MADE BY MASTODON ACTUALLY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH" every time a person visit any of the instances as well as project website?

@dansup this feels like state propaganda where mastodon is the state and we are all being brainwashed into believing mastodon is actually the parent of everything in existance

@dansup It's beyond me how something called "Tech2", can't get it right. There is like zero indication that Mastodon is behind Pixelfed..

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