We couldn't settle for the status quo.

If Pixelfed builds an Instance Picker, it has to surpass the expectations of everyone.

It's not much, but it's a start and these are our goals

For Guests:
- Contact info
- Search
- Tags
- Uptime Monitoring

For Users:
- Rate Instances
- Instance Reviews
- Share block lists

For Instance Admins:
- Announcements
- Manage instance info
- Reply or Request Removal of Reviews
- Curate Timeline Preview
- Share block lists

@dansup Pixelfed's instance picker looks cool!

By the way, why can't I get the timeline of pixelfed.tokyo? The administrator of pixelfed.tokyo ( @Yohei_Zuho ) says that the cause is unknown.

@noellabo @Yohei_Zuho I have found the issue, timeline preview now loads for that instance!

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