My niece got a drawing tablet for Christmas and I recommended Krita and it didn’t take her long to learn it!

@krita You have made my nieces Christmas!

Thank you for building such an amazing product that a 10 year old can learn in a few days 😁

@dansup @Krita Can you recommend a drawing tablet? Also am interested in getting one.

@der_On @dansup @krita Yeah, I would also be interested in getting a decent tablet, for my son tho


It looks great !
How old is your niece ?
I am looking for such a device for my 8 year old son.

@cosmos She just turned 10, if your son is into animation check out FlipaClip on Android/iOS. My niece loves that app!

@dansup I'm going to tell my son about that app. My 8 year old granddaughter is always drawing and painting (even has a graphics tablet). @cosmos
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