An academic paper about social networks misspelled Mastodon, Pleroma and Pixelfed lol

@dansup Note for folks with screen readers: Mastodon is spelled Mastadon, Pleroma is spelled Plemora, and Pixelfed is spelled PixelFred. Pixel Fred. I can't get over it.

@dansup It's good that papers usually have mails to their authors bundled.

@phoe @dansup can’t believe using both misspellings that are kind of fedi meme was unintentional

@phoe @dansup spelling doesn't seem to be their forte. that's ok, spelling is a fake social construct anyway :GODLUL:

@phoe @dansup Although, to be fair, PixelFred would be a very cool name, too. 😂

@dansup I cannot believe Fred from pixelfred would misspell the name of his own network and then try to say that it's other people that are saying it wrong

@dansup actually, I think “PixelFred” was a bit of missed oppertunity for you

@dansup who's Fred? why is this social network named after him? no one knows

@pea @dansup I'm reminded of the long-ago lawsuit trying to get violent video games banned that hilariously fucked up the names of several it cited, most notably The Resident of Evil Creek

@pea @dansup I heard Fred is the name of an old crush of the pixelfred main developer. But he was always afraid to ask Fred out on a date, so nothing really came of it. Kinda creepy if you ask me

@dansup guess their papers aren't scored on literacy, just word count

@dansup Maybe it's correct, and "Mastodon" didn't even make the top ten list.

We're the ones who are missing out.

You'd think them academics would at least be able to spell...?

@dansup Give them a break 😹 Probably were on a tight deadline. Sadly another reason might be that they never used these federated networks and just were taking things theoretically. A glance at the paper says that they had totally different topic and this list was just a reference they wanted to throw in.

I believe that "Write Freely" should also be written as WriteFreely, though I must say that while I primarily saw WriteFreely on @writefreely's site, I also saw several occurrences of "write freely" (and their Fediverse account seems to be named "Write Freely"), so perhaps has no preferred spelling. :)

Also, if I want to , it should probably also be "diaspora*" in lowercase and with the trailing asterisk instead of .

@dansup "Hi, I'm Pixel Fred. Nice to meetcha!"


@dansup Bleromar being misspelled okay, it's a meme, Mastadon okay but PixelFred?

@dansup image can have a little description. As a treat.

@dansup PixelFred! Join the Frediverse, teh frederated soical newtork!

@dansup PixelFred could be a Saturday morning kids cartoon.

@dansup wow only 1000 fold fewer users than fb. With 10x growth, mastodon will have remarkable network effect.

@dansup where do the numbers come from? While most numbers seem to be okay, the number for Friendica is wrong by the factor of 3.

@heluecht No idea, the numbers for Pixelfed are off by 10k as well.

@heluecht @dansup I guess the numbers are from The 14000+ users of Friendica include the accounts of

@dansup I don't know what "Juick" is but calling a social network with one node "federated" seems a bit generous.

@heluecht The confusion between social networks and the software to enable them is probably the bigger issue, I guess.

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