UX design is one of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of frontend development IMO

@dansup Pixelfed is the anti-Mastodon school of UX. ;)

@dansup I hope you understand that as "Mastodon UX is hot trash, and Pixelfed tries to look pretty"

@shlee Maybe for UI but for UX pixelfed is trash. I'm writing the search documentation and the UX of web search is embarrassingly bad.

@shlee I think Mastodon has excellent UI/UX btw, its taken a few iterations to find the perfect balance and I think the mastodev team has done an excellent job in that regards.

@dansup It's excellent work by a small team. I enjoy being part of the ecosystem of Mastodon.

but the people who code the backend, shouldn't design the frontend. (this is why GIMP is not photoshop).

@shlee Yeah I understand that, its a blessing and a curse to know full stack dev and pretty much be the sole dev of the project.

I'm not complaining but it seems like every other fedi project has a lot more contributors.

@shlee @dansup What do you even want from the goddamn frontend

@Gargron @dansup I’m considering putting this in writing and drafting some conceptual designs for you. Otherwise ignore my roots as mostly being pointlessly inflammatory in this case.

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