Thanks to @fedilab for adding Story support!

Will be available on all Pixelfed instances once this PR is merged!

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@dansup Will moderation tools be fixed in the next version?

@jonne Yeah! I've shipped some updates to Reports that fixes a few bugs. The admin dashboard and timeline mod tools have a few regressions that need to be fixed.

@dansup @fedilab
Recently I don't see anything in my Pixelfed feed (while useing Fedilab). I can see local timeline but not my own timeline based on my followings.

Something is wrong on my end with the refresh token. Just log your account in again.

@dansup @ahangarha @fedilab
Update to v2.29.1 (F-Droid) swiped the timeline away and gave an error on any attempt to refersh (Friendica).
Clearing cache and killing the app didn't help.
Deleting the account from the app and login again fixed this issue.
@dansup @fedilab @ahangarha ..but only on Android 9, not on Android 7, it seems.
@dansup @dansup
Cool! "Four" seems like a relatively low number though?

@chris Yeah, that is on the staging instance. allows 12 and allows 10 photos per post.

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