@dansup Hey! Just discovered and joined a #PixelFed instance, but have a question....does my account federate with other instances (like pixelfed.social) or is that still in the future? Very excited, just a bit uneducated.

@PrivacyMatters Yes, it does federate.

Search does not yet support webfinger urls (ie @user @ example.org), you need to use the full profile url (ex htxxs://example.org/dansup).

@dansup I got the ability to follow to work, however, discovery is not working. Am I doing it incorrectly?

Great work! Thanks for making the Fediverse to a better place.

@dansup Does that mean that the dust will settle a bit and it's stabilizing? Or do you intend to keep the development process as vital like it was?

I am asking, because your pace scared me away from starting my own instance in the past.

@dansup oh crap thought it was the main pixelfed project. can i unboost? πŸ˜ƒ

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