Should Pixelfed move to Discord or stay on freenode?

@dansup you're considering moving to discord??? did the fluoride get to you

@dansup you shouldn't have touched that one, they are comin—


Wow. Just randomly remembered about the line “The zombies are coming” from Plants vs Zombies whenever the first wave starts. Now this one is even funnier… @dansup

@dansup I dislike IRC because I've never had the motivation to set up a bouncer and have it join a channel days in advance so I know what kind of environment it is, but
Discord? Dude. What's Matrix?

@dansup #matrix would be better, bridged to freenode so you don't lose anyone

@dansup as a daily discord user, I say matrix bridged to discord and freenode

@dansup the users and the developers will have fucking choice I don't care what they use as long as they engage

@dansup reminded me to open weechat.. I should really set up a bouncer or something

@dansup Dis what? 🤮 🤢🤮 🤢🤮 🤢🤮 🤢🤮 🤢

@dansup Matrix or Mattermost. Foss Projects on discord are horrible trend. It's a non public communication channel, where you have to agree to TOS of a company with an unclear business model. Also IRC has terminal clients. Discord is a Webbrowser.

@dansup Discord is proprietary. I think than We don't need more floss projects that host their communities in private platforms :/
This exclude to people that wishes protect own privacy

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